Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication Essay

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CU2941 - Use and develop systems that promote communication (SHC51) Within my care setting I work with a variety of different individuals with numerous communication difficulties and needs. Within the setting we have a speech and language therapist who evaluates and regularly assesses our learner’s communication needs. We also have dedicated team of staff members who, with help from our support staff, myself and other key people involved with the support of the individuals within the setting continuously assess and develop the communication aids we utilise with specific individuals. Some of our residents communication needs vary from none verbal individuals, learners with autism who may find it difficult to interact in social situations but are able to communicate verbally with support and the use of specific aids and individuals who often fully understand verbal instructions but unfortunately do not possess the cognitive ability to formulate a response, and even English not being the learners first language. We also have individuals who are hearing impaired and visually impaired which can often have a large impact on communication as a large part of communication is conveyed via body language. “In speaking , perhaps body language and what is unspoken are more important than the words spoken . In fact Hall and Hall (1990) say that 90% of communication with each other occurs beyond the words we speak – every element of our interpersonal contact says something to our audience” (M.Davis, K.J.Davis, M.Dunagan. Scientific Papers and Presentations. Third edition 2012). As our learners have a variety of individual communication needs an individual approach is required. However basic rules of communication should be adhered to. When communicating with any individual and especially an individual with communication difficulties it is important to remember to
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