Communication Nvq2 Essay

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COMMUNICATION 1.1 People communicate for specific reasons to enable them to express emotions like, fear, pain, anger, joy and love. People also want to get information across to others for all kinds of reasons. This can be lifesaving. It also helps to improve quality of life. 1.2 Effective communication affect all aspects of our work. It’s important to communicate as getting information can assist with the care we give. It can also help us to find out likes and dislikes, to improve quality of life. 1.3 Its important to observe an individual’s reaction when communicating with them so you can get an idea of how that person is feeling, we communicate through speaking, facial expressions, body language, position, dress and gestures. Body language is the most important way of communicating without using words. 2.1 Its important to find out an individual’s communication and language needs and preference’s because not everyone communicates in the same way. People have a wide range of communication needs which needs to be considered such as sensory ability, cultural background, language, self-confidence, learning ability and physical ability. 2.2 There are different ranges to help us communicate. We could use flash cards, signals, Makaton and actions. 3.1 Barriers to communication can include different languages, hearing impairment, visual impairment, confusion or dementia, physical disability or learning disability. 3.2 You could reduce barriers to communication by using gestures and pictures, speaking clearly, listen carefully, respond to what is said, remove distractions, be in a quiet place, use tone of voice, repeat things often, stay patient and calm, be very clear and keep the conversation

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