Identifying Barriers To Effective Communication

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Communication 2.1 Compare ways to establish the communication and language needs,wishes and preferences of an individual. You need to be clear of there needs, ask them personally, ask the family members or the key workers, read their files, you will benefit from any information, there may be drawbacks if you come across any barriers, and you may need to find other means, i.e translators e.t.c. 2.2 Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication. Make sure you speak clearly and pronounce your words, and check the tone and pitch of your voice , you don’t always need to shout. Use the correct language, take time to say things, speaking quickly can cause confusion. Good body language and eye contact is essential. 2.3 Describe a range of communication methods…show more content…
There are many barriers in communication, speaking a different language may need a translator, they may have a hearing impairment, so a hearing aid or loop system must be used. Illnesses can cause a barrier, these can cause confusion and mistakes to be made. Sight impairments, this is where computers and braille boards can be useful. 3.3 Explain how to overcome barriers to communication. You can overcome barriers by building a good relationship with the individuals, listen to them and respond appropriately with good body language and eye contact, make them feel at ease with you, understand their needs. Ask for help off of other professional’s if needed. Eliminate any distractions, keep the noise level down, turn off televisions etc. If there are cultural barriers, widen your knowledge, have an insight of the culture or

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