A Teacher's Perseverance In Blackboard Jungle

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A Teacher’s Perseverance Escarment 1 “We in the United States are fortunate to have a school system that is a tribute to your communities and to our faith in American youth,” that quote started the film to install an idea into the viewers mind that education can be achieved through perseverance and faith. Blackboard Jungle seemed to be the perfect title for this 1950’s film, the title itself is an internal metaphor. Teaching in and of it’s self is one of the most challenging professions one can have. The job doesn’t get any easier if you are trying to teaching at North Manual High School with an all boy’s class of street thugs and delinquents. Well that’s what Richard Dadier, the protagonist of the story, had to work…show more content…
From the first quote inserted in film, the disdain toward the students from the veteran teachers, to Mr. Daiders sheer will to continue to fight for his dream to educate the young minds of the future, the determination was a constant factor in the plot of the film. Mr. Daider went through mental and physical agony just to teach these students even when refused to be thought. His determination was only shaken when his wife’s pregnancy was put into jeopardy, which was one of the main symbols in the film. But instead of staying down and quitting, he continued to follow his dreams through the support of his wife. In summation, Blackboard Jungle was a testament to a war veteran’s perseverance to follow his dream of molding young minds and bettering the future. “We in the United States are fortunate to have a school system that is a tribute to your communities and to our faith in American youth,” that quote sums up the film along with one word:…show more content…
Judging by the culture, music, and behavior of the characters the story takes place in the mid 1950s, esspecially because of the old school rock n roll that the students played in the court yard. The students dressed in typical teenage 1950s attire, whites tee shirts tucked into tight blue jeans with comb overs. One of these students were Mr. Miller, the only black student in the class who thinks by using the means of being black as racial way to provoke people. But toward the end of the movie he finds a mutual respect with Mr. Daider or Teach as he likes to call him. As for the other main characters there is Anne Daider also known as “the most beautiful pregnant wife.” She suffers with anxiety due to the fact that she previously had a miscarriage and the constant concern for her husband’s safety. And finally the protagonist, the English teacher Richard Dadier. Rick is a war veteran who lands his dream job teaching. He constantly goes through the trials and tribulations of teaching the delinquent group of unmotivated students. It gets to a point where he wants to quit due to the fact of his wife’s constant stress caused by his continuous endangerment, which caused her to induce her delivery of their son. That ended up being one of the main conflicts in the film along with Mr.Daider’s lack of motivation to educate these children. But in one final stand will his

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