Phy/210 Final Case Study

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Final Project Case Study Avonda Ellison Phy/210 October-13, 2013 Tenika Jean-Paul Case Study What are the causes of stress in Jennifer’s life? How is stress affecting Jennifer’s health? The causes of stress in Jennifer’s life is from daily hassles and life changes. Jennifer is dealing with a loss of a pregnancy, death of her mothers, and her father deteriorating health. Not only is Jennifer dealing with daily hassle she has to deal with the fact that she doesn’t see her husband much and her husband’s parents are pressuring to have a child. According to our reading Daily hassles are routine sources of annoyance or aggravation that have a negative impact on health. Jennifer is dealing with both positive and negative life changing events that are making her stress. Jennifer’s is very organized at work but her body and mind are sending signals that she is stressed. Jennifer is even convince that she is handling everything okay. Because Jennifer is dealing with a lot of acculturative stress it’s starting to affect her work. Stress is affecting Jennifer’s health in ways like headaches, backaches, and indigestion. Jennifer should know that something is wrong because pain is the bodies’ way of telling us something is wrong. How are these stressors affecting Jennifer’s self-concept and self-esteem? Jennifer’s self-esteem has been lower because she doesn’t see her husband much and she has suffer the loss of a baby. When you have a miscarriage it is a blow to your self-esteem because it’s supposed to be the one thing that every woman can do. You need a few things to make it throw a miscarriage your husband for support and she doesn’t have his support as much as she may need it because she has to commute to and from work. Next after a miscarriage you suffer from wanting to replace the baby you lost with becoming pregnant again Jennifer is under great pressure just
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