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Hope Edelman’s Struggles Through Marriage In the essay, “The Myth of Co-Parenting: How It Was Supposed to Be. How It Was.” Hope Edelman discusses the difficulties of parenting with a spouse who was seldom present. She also describes her childhood relationship with her parents and how it affects her present relationship with her husband and daughter. This situation is common amongst families today and puts strains on all members in the relationship. The author is a loving wife and parent who experiences complications in her family relationships because of her husband, John, who is spending less time with her and spending more time at work. As a child, Hope Edelman grew up in suburban New York where her father was always preoccupied with work, thus never spending time with the family just like her husband. The author was seventeen when her mother died of breast cancer causing Edelman great pain. Her mother did everything around the house when she was alive, so her passing caused a lack of discipline with the children and there were no more chores for any of the siblings. Nannies were suddenly walking in through the front door daily. Growing up without a mom and a father who did not show compassion or love was hard for Edelman. Hope first started to cut her hours down at work because her husband started working a lot more. Edelman was often confused at the beginning because she was doing everything around the house and her husband never showed her affection or love. John and Hope bought a house in a canyon outside Los Angeles. After moving, John and Hope had a daughter. He opened up his new business in Los Angeles, and never spent time with Hope and their daughter, which was eerily similar to that of her childhood relationship with her own father. Hope was raising their daughter by herself. She was utterly upset, she never thought her marriage would come to this

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