Huck Finn and Secret Life of Bees

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Huck Finn and Lily Owens Comparisons During and after reading both of these books, one cannot stop and think that the Secret Life of Bees was modeled from the plotline of The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. Both of these books are far too similar for one to have not been influenced by the other. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn contains all of the major plot themes and conflicts present in the Secret Life of Bees. Huck and Lily both grow as people during these two books and their adventures are closely related with similar people along with similar events. The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin is about a boy who never really had much; he was born into rags and lived in rags his entire life until he was taken in by the Widow Douglas, who gave him clothes and tried to educate him. Huck did end up reading and continued school for a while, even if he only continued school just to spite his father. Huck hated and feared his father, seeing how Pap was unpredictable and was the town drunk. Lily’s father in the Secret Life of Bees also struck fear in his child. You could tell Lily was afraid of her father, seeing how she hesitated to tell him about events such as her birthday. Lily was also born and raised in rags, since her mother died when Lily was at a young age. After her mother died, Lily was stranded with a confused and angry father, and had to sew her own clothes, since it is all she had. These two stories already look the same, and both are only a fraction of the way in. Huck’s life was extremely terrible until he starting living with the Widow Douglas, which is the equivalent of when Lily went to live with the Boatwright sisters. They both found safe havens before they realized who and what they were. If you look at both character’s surroundings and friends while they were on their adventures, you will see more similarities. Huck ran away with a former slave

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