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ED GEIN-Research Paper I. Introduction Name: Edward Gein Born: August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, WI Parents: George and Augusta. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was very over-bearing. Ethnicity: White Religion: Lutheran Childhood Development: Augusta opened a grocery store when Eddie was very little and with the money she made the family purchased a hundred and sixty acre farm, which became their home. They moved to the desolate location to keep outsiders from influencing them. His mother would scold him any time he would try and make friends. George Gein was drunk all of the time His mother would teach Ed and his older brother Henry about the gospel and delegated all their farm responsibilities. She would…show more content…
He was charged with robbery, bail was set for $10,000. The murder charges were held until his sanity could be proved. The Judge determined that Gein should be held at Central State for 30 days, for an evaluation. And on 23 December 1957 Judge Bunde announced that the psychiatrists had declared Gein insane. He was committed to Central State and stayed there until 1968, when he was found fit to stand trial. He was charged with first degree murder, but his lawyer put in the defense of insanity again and was found to be insane again. He returned to Central State. On November 7, 1968, Bernice Worden’s murder trial began. A jury found Gein guilty of first degree murder but criminally insane at the time of the murder, the trial lasted only a week and he was sentenced to life in a mental institution. He was committed to Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Waupon, Wisconsin. He was an ideal patient who made rugs, polished stones, and operated a ham radio. In 1978 he was transferred to the Mendota Mental Health Institute where he died of cancer on July 26, 1984, at the age of 78. He was buried beside his mother in the Plainfield cemetery. Vandals chipped off pieces of Gein’s gravestone for souvenirs. It was stolen in 2000. After it was recovered near Seattle in June 2001 it was placed in a museum. Ironically he was buried only yards away from the graves he robbed as…show more content…
Applicable Theories of Criminal Behavior Social Risk Factors: He didn’t always live in poverty, but once his family wasn’t there he was in poverty. He also received rejection by his peers, when they often teased him because of his deformity. Parental and Family Risk Factors: His mother used a very authoritarian style to shape and control her sons. This caused irreparable damage to Gein throughout growing up. His mothers parental monitoring was too much, she never let Ed do anything and always kept him hidden. The influence of his brother putting down there mother, who Ed worshipped was another factor in his downfall. Skinner’s Theory of Behavior: Gein never received any positive reinforcement Antisocial personality disorder (APD): This is a disorder Ed had because he failed to conform to the norms of society. Holmes and De Burger (1998): Have a theory that serial killers fall into 4 groups; Eddie falls into the hedonistic type because he strived for pleasure in playing with the bodies of his victims. Coercion Developmental Theory: Gerald Patterson (1982, 1986) states that parenting monitoring can cause early onset delinquency. Gein was not acting out during his childhood, but later in life his childhood was a major factor in his criminal

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