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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote Plot Major Events · Clutters are killed by two men Perry and Dick. · Perry and Dick head for Mexico and cash in some checks. · An investigation is initiated with Agent Dewey as the head leader. · They can't find any clues at all. · Perry and Dick go to Miami for Christmas. · They find a lead thanks to Floyd Wells. · They steal a car. · They get caught in Vegas. · Dick rats out Perry. · Perry describes vividly the murders. (Climax) · They are trialed to murder and put on death row Minor Events · Mr. Clutter gets life insurance. · Dick goes back home the day after the murder like nothing. · Lowell Lee Andrews goes to jail and his killing is delayed by a month which gives Dick and Perry hope. Passage of Time Functions · Capote uses foreshadowing by saying out of place phrases such as: "disscounted robbery a motive," "his last work day" and "her last pie." · Capote uses dramatic irony. The Clutter family doesn't know that they're going to be killed and the reader does. · Perry has a flashback of his earlier life and how he was abused by nuns for peeing the bed. · Everything is told in chronological order with flashbacks included. Conflicts · Man vs. Man (Nancy vs. Mr.Clutter) Nancy and her father have a minor arguement about her seeing Bobby. Mr. Clutter is disaproving of this not for moral reasons or any grudge held against Bobby he's "most dependable and gentelmanly," but he's a Roman Catholic and the Clutters are Methodist. In Mr. Clutter's head they do not have a future. · Man vs. Society (Mr. Clutter vs. Society) Mr. Clutter didn't drink nor smoked and had a tendency of avoiding people who did. He is going against society by judging people who don't have the same morals as himself. · Man vs. Self (Dick vs. Self) Dick can't afford to keep his first wife and first three kids financially stable and turns

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