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Alex Rider: Point Blanc Plot I’ve read a book called “Alex Rider Point Blanc”. The book is written by the author Anthony Horowitz and it was published in the United Kingdom on September the third, 2001. Point Blanc is the second book of a series of nine. The book is about a young boy named Alex Rider. He’s a fourteen year old boy who lives in London, on Kings Road, Chelsea, with his housekeeper Jack Starbright. Alex never knew his parents due to that they died when he only was two weeks old. Since then, he has been living with his uncle, Ian Rider. But, only a few weeks back, Ian got killed in action (this was in the first book, Stormbreaker). Since then, Alex tries to blend in again in his normal life, like a British schoolboy. But it isn’t so easy. First of all, he has tons of homeworks to do, and secondly, he can’t stop thinking of his last mission, that he actually was a spy. So one day after school, Alex tries to make a mission of his own. He’s going to stop a local drug dealer that sells drugs at his own school. He’s going to destroy the dealer’s entire operation with a huge crane. The irony with all this is that, just across the road, there’s a police station, just a hundred meters from the dealer’s place at the river. The whole operation goes pretty well, until Alex loses control over the crane and presses the wrong button on the control panel. He’s going to release the boat (that’s where the dealer has his operation) on the parking lot outside of the police station, but instead the boat falls down on the newly constructed part of the station, where an important conference takes place. And Alex, he gets arrested. But instead of being arrested by the police, the MI6 “saves” him. A new mission awaits him. Two suspicious murders had occurred just a few days ago, and both the men were billionaires and had two sons of the same age, 14 years old. These

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