Boston Marathon Bombing Essay

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On April 15, 2013 during the Boston Marathon in Copley Square in Boston Massachusetts, two bombs exploded seconds apart from each other that were placed a short distance from the finish line. The explosions killed three spectators in the crowd and injured over 260 people. For the next two days following the attacks, law-enforcement requested assistance from the public, asking for any photographs or video taken during the marathon that could help with the investigation and possible identify who had placed the bombs. The police investigations revealed that the devices used in the attacks were household pressure cookers that had been packed with an explosive substance, nails and ball bearings. After the police department identified the type…show more content…
On Thursday, April 18th, three days after the attack, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer was found dead near the campus. That same night a SUV was hijacked, keeping the victim in the car. The victim later escaped and the police tracked the two suspects as they were driving in two different vehicles. Police pursued the stolen vehicles to the Boston suburb of Watertown. Between the hours of 12:00AM and 1:00AM on April 19th Dzhokar and Tamerlan were spotted and they engaged in a shoot-out with the officers. During the pursuit improvised explosive devices were thrown at the police, as many as 300 rounds were exchanged. Tamerlan was killed by police during the exchange. Dzhokar, while escaping the scene ran over his brother’s body and got away from the police. 23 July 2014 Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 This was the start of the manhunt that shut down the city of Boston. April 19, 2013 around 6 AM, authorities tell residents of Boston and surrounding communities to stay indoors. The Mass transit system is shut down. This order was lifter just over 12 hours after being put in place. Around 6:30 PM, authorities trace Dzhokhar to a Watertown backyard, where he is found hiding in a boat and taken into custody after hours of searching. On April 22, Dzhokhar was charged with having used a weapon of mass destruction in the marathon attacks; if convicted, he faced the possibility of the death

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