The Other Wes Moore

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There Are Two Sides to Every Story Part 1: Complete Summary The book named The Other Wes Moore talks about two boys living in Baltimore with similar histories and an identical name. One of them is free and has done the unthinkable. The other Wes will spend every day of his life in jail over stupidity. In late 2000, The Baltimore Sun published an article on the local graduate that was named Rhodes Scholar. The article was about the “good” Wes Moore. As him being a senior at John Hopkins University, he received the most prestigious academic awards for students all over the globe. As he finished admiring his article, another article caught his attention in the Sun. It was about an incident that happened just a few months ago. A jewelry store robbery had gone terribly wrong. The store’s security guard was shot and killed after he pursued the armed men into the store’s parking lot. Little did the robbers know, the man they shot, Bruce Prothero, was an off-duty police officer. Immediately, a high publicized manhunt began for the perpetrators. Twelve days later it ended when the last two suspects were apprehended in a house in Philadelphia by a plethora of police and federal agents. The articles stated that the shooter, Richard Antonio Moore, would most likely receive the death penalty. Also it indicated that his younger brother would be sentenced similarly. What stuck out even more was the fact that the younger brother’s name was identical to his. Two years later, the story remained in his head. When he went to a book signing, the author of the book gave him some advice and some suggestions. After some conclusive thinking, he decided to write a letter to this “other Wes Moore“. In this letter, he first explained who he was and pointed out that there name was the same. Second, he asked why he had done this. Third, he asked to visit him. Surprisingly, a month

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