The Storm Gang

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The sharks and the jets are having a fight in the streets. They were warned that if they had another fight that they would be put in the slammer. The jets leader is riff. The shark’s leader is bernardo. They both meet at a high school dance and challenge each other. But two cops break up the fight. Glad hand is trying to get the 2 gangs to get along. Riff, graziella and bernardo, Anita have a dance off. While this is happening tony (former shark founder) and Maria (berandos sister) begin to slow dance. It was like love at first sight. Maria had just moved from Puerto Rico so she didn’t know anything about the jets and the sharks. Tony knew that he has never seen Maria before. The sharks are mad that tony is with someone on there territory. The sharks and the jets have planned another fight under the highway so that the cops cant find them. Maria is at the dress shop…show more content…
She wants him to break up the fight but she doesn’t want him to get hurt. The jets and the sharks secretly bring weapons with them just incase the oppose gang pulls a quick one on the them. Both gangs arrive at the place. They begin to fight. Then all of the sudden bernardo pulls out a knife and riff does the same thing. While this is happening tony shows up. All of the sudden bernardo stabs riff and kills him. Tony was so upset because he was like a brother to him. Then he stands up for his friend and kills bernardo. All Puerto Ricans get mad at tony and start hitting him with chains. The police show up and everyone leaves tony . Anybodys comes and helps him out. Maria gets the message that her brother is dead and that her love has killed him. She prays that it is not true. Tony shows up at her house outside her window and starts screaming at him that he is a killer. Then he calms her down and tells her that bernardo killed riff first who was like a brother to tony. Anita tries to convince maria that tony has no heart and is going to leave

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