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Hurricane Song, by Paul Volponi, is a novel about hurricane Katrina. The theme can be felt through the main character. An example is when the main character’s father tells him “Don’t matter what you see or who needs what – they’re not family. It’s three of us and nobody else. And that’s all it can be.” This is a realistic fiction novel, in my opinion this is probably one of Volponi’s greatest works. The story begins in August 28, 2005, 7:15 A.M., one day before hurricane Katrina hits. Miles, the main character, Pop, Miles’ father, and Roy, Miles’ uncle, drive to the Superdome for shelter. Even though they are only sheltered for three or four days it feels like it goes on for weeks. Miles is apparently a sophomore in high school, he’s black and his parents are divorced. He lives with his father and uncle in New Orleans. Miles’ love belongs to football. Miles is pretty calm when he deals with his father, but learns to put up with him. Pop is a stubborn man with a passion for jazz and so is Roy, same personality and passion. As they struggle in the “safe” shelter in the Superdome they find themselves having to deal with Katrina ruining everything. Everyday more and more people come into the Superdome causing problems. Cyrus, an old man, begins to go insane and hides from his family somewhere in the Superdome. As Cyrus’ family searches for him he comes running out and jumps from the tier and kills himself. Two of the gang members start to collect money and set half of a row on fire, anybody who had water used the last of the last of it to put it out. One of the gang members starts a fight a preacher and almost cracks his skull open. The next day Katrina finally stops, but that didn’t mean they were free to go. All of the people who were in the Superdome had to go into a barricaded fence area where the conditions were just as bad. People are suffering from

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