Ponys Book Report The Outsiders

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SUMMARY! As the novel opens, Ponyboy is leaving a movie theater when a group of Socs jump him. His brothers Darry and Sodapop save him. The next night Pony and his friends Dally and Johnny go to the movies and meet socs girls named Cherry and Marcia. Pony and the greasers walk Cherry and Marcia home. As they are walking Socs Bob and Randy see them and think the boys are trying to pick up thier girlfriends. The girls ended up leaving with them. Pony and Johnny go for a walk and sat down, then fell asleep, when Pony gets home Darry gets mad and hits him. As soon as it happened Pony ran and meets up with Johnny again. Wandering around, they see a car driving around and it comes up infront of them. The guys Rob, Randy and three other drunks. The guys wanted to get back at them for picking up their girls . So they took Pony and tried to drown himin a fountain. Johnny gets scarred and stabs Bob,and kills him. They gets scarred that the police will find them so they went to find Dally.When…show more content…
Pony rushes to save them and Johnny follows to help. A piece of wood fell on Johnny, Dally rescues him.Pony spends a short time in teh hospital . Darry cries when he sees Pony. The next day Two-bit comes in and tells Pony that his names in the paper for being heroes for rescuing the kids and that Johnny will be charged with manslaughter. Two-Bit also says that the Greasers and Socs have agreed to have the rumble. The greasers won. After the rumble Dally and Ponyboy visit Johnny, and they seen him die. Dally takes off and robs a store. Ponyboy goes home and tells his brother and his friends . Then Dally calls and tells them to meet him at the park , he got in trouble. But by the time they got there the police shot him multiple times.Ponyboy faints for nearly a week. While recovering he says that Johnny isn't dead and he killed

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