Edward Scissorhands Essay

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Edward Scissorhands Essay Edward is not the real monster in the film ’Edward Scissorhands’ directed by Tim Burton, explores a cookie cutter world where people are all the same. Everyone looks the same, their houses are all the same and their possessions are the same. Edwards looks like a monster in the town because everyone else is bright but he is dark. However the town’s people are the real monsters. He has Crazy hair, wears a lot of black and has blade like hands, which make him look sinister compared to the all the towns people. He has a charisma which is shy but still alluring by His creativity with his hair and hedge trimming skills, designs all by his sinister scissor hands .his dark appearance is almost gothic and seems strange to the town’s people. He is feared by most initially including Kim. Kim’s boyfriend Jim takes advantage of Edwards lock picking skills and tricks him into breaking into his parents’ house. The alarm is sounded and Edward is left in the house and caught by the police. Edward is eventually not charged as an evaluation of him, proves he has no real sense of reality. Joyce a neighbour, who tries to seduce Edward unsuccessfully, spreads malicious rumours of Edward in which the town’s people believe and on top of the robbery too is made an outcast and the Boggs family who have taken in Edward are also made outcast. Eventually it escalates and the town’s people think and believe that Edward is guilty of all these malicious rumours and mishappens. Edward Flees to his home where he was made and Jim catches him in his old mansion. Jim brutally assaults Edward causing Edward to stab Jim before he falls out of a window to his death. Kim who loves Edward now protects him by saying to the townspeople who now had gathered at the mansion to get Edward that Jim and Edward fought to their death. She whowed them a body which look like Edward. They
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