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Johnny Dillinger During the great depression banks went into debt. The banks lost millions of people’s hard earned life savings. Those banks the stayed in business foreclosed on people’s homes farms and businesses. There was even a touch of Robin Hood. When bank robbers would rob stores they would ruin mortgage records the bank had. “Allan may Marilyn bardsley” Born on July 22, 1903 his parents’ names were john and Mollie Dillinger. They lived near Indianapolis, Indiana Johns mom died when he was an infant at the age of 3. John’s dad remarried when he was 9. John’s dad was hard on Johnny. Although Johnny seemed like a good citizen he started to join in with the wrong crowd. John even made a gang called “the dirty dozen”. At the age of…show more content…
After he escaped john tried to rescues his friends from prison. On his first jail break john Dillinger broke 10 of his former prison mates from the Indiana state jail. John Dillinger went to jail right before he got them out. He gave the prisoners guns and they got him out of jail too. During the jail break the prisoners killed the sheriff. After he was sprung from jail he made plans to raid several banks. He did lots of planning and even trial runs before he even attempted to rob the bank. His tactics included memorizing the bank and its distance from the police station. Dillinger and his gang went from bank to bank on a robbing spree. The banks had foreclosed millions of people during the depression so he started to have liked a Robin Hood status. Johnny Dillinger had lots of tactics to robbing banks. He would trick people or simply rob the place. One advantage john had been that he had a job as salesmen for bank security systems. This allowed john to know how the system worked bad how to get around it. John would also use a ploy where he would tell the bank he was shooting a bank robbery scene for a movie and needed to see for the bank. The bank robbers would actually rob the bank like it was a scene from a movie and walk out of the bank with all the money while civilians would cheer while they walked out with all the

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