Leopold And Loeb Analysis

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Leopold and Loeb Leopold and Loeb plans were to commit the perfect crime. They worked out a plan during the next seven months. For a victim, they chose a 14 year old boy named Bobby Franks. He was the son of the millionaire Jacob Franks, and a distant cousin of Loeb. They were already acquainted with the boy and he went happily with them on that May afternoon. They drove him to within a few blocks of the Franks residence in Hyde Park then suddenly grabbed him, stuffed a gag in his mouth and smashed his skull four times with a chisel. He fell to the floor and bled to death in the car. When the brief bit of excitement was over, Leopold and Loeb casually drove away, stopped for lunch and then ended up near a culvert along the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. After dunking the boy’s head underwater to make sure that he was dead, they poured acid on his face (so that he would be hard to identify) then stuffed his body into a drainpipe. After this, they drove to Leopold’s home, where they spent the afternoon and evening drinking and playing cards. Around midnight, they telephoned the Franks’ home and told Mr. Franks that he could soon expect a ransom demand for the return of his son. They typed out a letter on a stolen typewriter and mailed it to Franks, intent on continuing their twisted…show more content…
Leopold had dropped his eyeglasses near the spot where the body had been hidden and police had (cleverly) traced the prescription back to him. They also traced the ransom note to a typewriter that Leopold had “borrowed” from his fraternity house the year before. References Bardsley, M. (1998). Crime Library. Retrieved from TruTV.com: http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/famous/loeb/arrest_3.html Linder, D. O. (1997). The Leopold and Loeb Trial: A Brief Account. 7. Chicago, USA. McKernan, M, The Amazing Crime and Trial of Leopold and Loeb. New American Library,
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