Looking for Alaska Chapter Summary

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LOOKING FOR ALASKA SUMMARY LOOKING FOR ALASKA SUMMARY One hundred thirty six days before The book begins with introducing the main character, Miles Halter. Miles is going to leave to a boarding school in Alabama. He currently lives in Florida with both his parents. His mother throws him a going away party, yet only two uninterested people show up. Therefore, you can infer that Miles is “socially awkward”. Miles goal in boarding school is to “seek a Great Perhaps” while he’s there. One hundred twenty eight days before In the second chapter the readers are introduced to the “Colonel” and Alaska Young. It’s Miles first day at boarding school. He checks out his new dorm, which has no air conditioning and very small showers, meeting his roommate Chip Martin – a.k.a. The Colonel. His new roommate then introduces Miles to Alaska Young. He is stunned by her beauty and intelligence. Miles tries his first cigarette with his new friends. One hundred twenty seven days before Miles is introduced to yet another one of the Colonel’s friends, Takumi. While Miles is sleeping he gets kidnapped by the “weekend warriors”. They tie him up, and dump him into the lake. The Colonel is furious with the kidnappers and is planning to seek revenge soon... One hundred twenty six days before Its Miles first days of class at Culver Creek. Some of his classes are French, world religion, and biology. He’s very interested in his older and interesting teacher for World Religions. He find out that’s this year they will be learning about three religious traditions: Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism One hundred ten days before In only his first days of class Miles got kicked out for excessive day dreaming. Then in his defense, Alaska gets kicked out as well. Miles was angry with himself because he didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Mr. Hyde. After class Miles, Takumi, The
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