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Les Misérables & Phantom of the Opera Musical theatre is a type of theatre that aims to entertain through a combination of dramatic script, acting and spoken dialogue with music, singing, and dancing, along with scenery, costumes and spectacle. Two musical theatres that show contrasts and similarities are Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and Phantom of the Opera composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Both these musical theatre productions have a story line which will be showcased as well as one piece from each musical will be analysed. The story is set in Digne, France, 1815. Jean Valjean is released after 19 years as he was convicted for stealing bread. He is very cynical till he met a Bishop to stay for a night. Valjean decided to move on and became the mayor after 9 years. Inspector Javert recognises him and tries to reveal who he is. Fantine a factory worker is fired because she has a bastard child due to her now being jobless a prostitute and became sick. Valjean realised what happened to her and takes care of her. Inspect Javert finally manage to reveal Valjean for who he was. Fantine dies and give Valjean the authority to take care of her child, Cosette. Valjean escapes and finds the child and lived in a church for 10 years. Cosette now grown up goes to Paris with Valjean during a revolution. Cosette met a man, Marius and falls in love Inspector Javert finally realises that Valjean was in Paris and tries to find him again. The phantom of the Opera is situated in Paris inside of an Opera House; here is where a deformed musical genius lives. Feared by the people he calls himself the Opera Ghost. A girl by the name of Christine Daaé, the daughter of a famous violinist is being tutored by this phantom as she believes he is an angel of music sent by her father after his passing. But this is no ordinary tutoring, as the phantom never reveals himself but rather sings

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