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The beauty and the nature of France were well accompanied by their great royal family. Marie Antoinette, unlike many of the other queens, was a breakthrough in her high classed fashion and individuality. Throughout her life, she showed many qualities of normal 18th century women; being dictated by her family and those around her as if she was property or some form of bargain rather than being treated as a normal human being. Through her life, her marrage and her sudden death sentence, she will never be forgotten as a great monarch of French history Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in the town of Vienna, Austria. She was the youngest of the sixteen children of Marie Theresa and Emperor Francis I. She spent most of her younger years…show more content…
This affair involved Cardinal de Rohan, a French minister, who was accused and framed with buying a fraudulent necklace for Marie and also having secret rendezvous’ with her. After the revolution in 1789, a mob demanded the royal family move to the Tuileries Palace in Paris where they were held as prisoners. While being held in captivity, Marie sought after her brother and Leopold II, but on June 20, 1791, Marie, Louie and their son tried to flee from Paris, but they were stopped in Varennes and brought back to Paris as prisoners. Louis was later convicted of treason and sentenced to execution by the guillotine. Marie and her son were moved in the Conciergerie, where she suffered from internal bleeding and a dramatic loss of weight. Her trial was held on October 14 and she was charged incest, and treason to the State. Even the charges were ridiculous, she never said a word, and was convicted with the verdict of guilty. Her execution date was October 16, 1793, where she was given a piece of paper to write to her sister and to her loved ones. Not only was her arms tied and hair cut, she was also paraded around town around Paris where she was openly discriminated along her way to be executed via the guillotine. Being disliked, by the majority of the French nation, Marie Antoinette was a remarkable Queen. She resembled traits of the great women of

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