Michael Stephenovic Case Study

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Appoco Michael: Michael Stephanovic a 47 year old man wanted and tracked by his younger FBI agent brother Gary Stephanovic. Michael has been nicknamed the Beheaded Butcher, a serial killer who beheads and then cuts up his victim’s bodies. Michael is a tall guttered pale skinned white male with clear blue crystal eyes just like Gary and their mother. Michael wasn’t always a serial killer, when he was younger Gary and he attended ordinary school at the ages of 18 and 13, Michael was going to become a doctor and Gary a vet. But then tragedy struck when Michael and Gary’s mother met a man who then became their step father. Michael was constantly abused and molested by their step father. It all went downhill from there; Michael slowly started to drift in insanity. One cold dark night Michael snuck into his mother’s bedroom and placed a knife to his step father’s neck and cut off his head and right leg and disposed of the body under his bed. Then one morning Michaels’ mother was cleaning his room and she found the body of the step father and knowing what Michael has done she killed herself not being able to live with what he had done. This leaving Gary parentless and Michael was…show more content…
A tall pale white male with pure brown hair and a beard also to Gary had had pure blue crystal eyes like his mother and brother. When Gary was only 13 when he witnessed his mother shooting herself and it was then the madness began for his life. When Gary was sent to the orphanage he lived with more than 13 foster parents but none of them wanted to keep him because everyone knows the story of what his older brother did to his family. Gary wasn’t touched or hurt by his step father only Michael was ending with Michael becoming the monster he is today. Soon Gary found of his brothers escape Gary slowly found an old feeling he once felt before and knew that his brother was killing

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