Stone Cold Plot Summary

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Link is boy, whom his mother started seeing a man, Vince, after his father left them. Vince happens to be very abusing, and holds a grudge against Link and his sister, Carol. Due to his behavior, and after an argument, Carol decides to leave the house and live with her boyfriend. Tension started growing in the house, and so the consequences were large on Link. He started to perform badly at school and so, he decides to follow his sister’s steps and leave the house. However, he has nowhere to go, so he’s forced, suffering, onto the streets. With a sleeping bag, and £150 of savings of saving, he decides to travel to London. After his arrival to London, hoping for a fresh start, finding an apartment and a job were Link’s priorities. He finds an apartment advertisement with a negotiable rent, but after being bullied he is forced to take the apartment for a high price for 2 weeks leaving him with only 2/3 of his money. With only £9, Link is thrown out if the apartment, jobless and depressed. On the streets, he struggled facing verbal abuse, rubbery, very cold weather and nowhere to sleep. On a small doorway, Link meets a homeless boy, Ginger, whom helps him survive on the street. Shelter, an army expert, discharged after 29 years due to his mental health grounds is now in the picture. Wanting to clean up the streets of London, He starts a spree of murders, targeting the homeless. With very careful planning, Shelter lures the homeless into his house, offering a warm shower ad something to eat before killing them and hiding the bodies, leaving no pattern in his killings so he cannot be tracked down. Still begging on the streets, Link and Ginger meet Shelter as they ask him for change. Shelter’s usual reply "Change! I'd change you if I had you in khaki for 6 weeks!" left them laughing which makes the pair become his targets. While Ginger is off one morning to meet up with
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