Glass By Ellen Hopkins: A Summary

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Glass Kristina Snow is suffering from an addiction to meth and she struggles with it until she gives in and the “monster,” as she refers to it, takes her under again and she slowly loses everything, including her family and her baby. The book ends with her and her boyfriend being thrown into jail for possession, transportation, and intent to distribute meth. She also finds out she is pregnant with his baby. The tone the author uses for Kr.istina’s voice is very scattered from the beginning, when she is suffering from withdrawal, when she is high, and when she is crashing by the end of the novel. Glass is the 2nd novel in the Crank trilogy by Ellen Hopkins. The entire book is told from her point of view and there is an obvious differentiation from the beginning to the end. At the beginning she may be short with her family and son at times but she is also focused and determined to make a better life for her and her son. Then she gives back in and she comes…show more content…
She is always suspicious whenever he doesn’t answer her calls. She becomes especially crazed when she calls him while she is high. She becomes very paranoid and is always ranting about how he is probably off sleeping another girl and that he never cared about her. She still seems to think she can control it and when she goes to her brother’s baseball game her mother notices and tells her she should leave immediately and to not come back unless she shapes up. Kristina and her boyfriend finally get an apartment together and the also move in Kristina’s son, against her mother’s wishes. Things are very tense in the tiny apartment due to a shortage of meth and the lack of income and it finally peaks one night when Kristina and Trey are especially irritable and it ends in a physical confrontation and Kristina calls her mother to take the baby back home with
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