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Impulse For my book report I read the book Impulse, by Ellen Hopkins. Impulse is mainly about the stories of three kids: Conner, Tony, and Vanessa. They all lived very troubled lives, didn’t know what to do and ended up taking the wrong road. They all eventually got sent to a Psyche ward named Aspen Springs, and that’s where they all met. Conner didn't like his life anymore, and when his parents weren't home he stole a gun and tried to shoot himself in the heart. Unluckily for him, the bullet hit bone and he survived. After he realized he was still alive he regretted not aiming for his head. He hated Aspen Springs, and said it reminded him of the hospital, just without the smell. Tony was addicted to heroin, but after awhile that wasn’t enough to get him high. One night he took a half a bottle of Valium, and drank a fifth bottle of Jack Daniels to get that kick he was wanting. He passed out, and woke up next to a cop laying in his puke. He was sent to the hospital, Prison, and then to Aspen Springs. Vanessa had a very troubled childhood; she used to cut herself because of it. She hated her mom, and as she got older she realized how much she resembled her. She felt useless, and alone, so the cuts got worse and worse as she grew older. Until one day her younger brother walked in on her while she was cutting, and told his grandmother who ended up sending her to the psyche ward. I would definitely recommend Impulse. It tells a realistic story about lives of teenagers, and how they overcome their fears. They all become close friends, and realize they really aren't alone, and there are people out there just like

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