Raisin In The Sun Walter Characteristics

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A Raisin in the Sun Walter Lee is a thirty five year old man living in Southside Chicago. All that matters to Walter is to get rich quick. He is a very passionate and ambitious man. Walter has many dreams, dreams like no other. He is full of energy and bursting with great new ideas. Walter dreams and he dreams big. He wants his family out the projects living like those rich white folks as he would say. His dream is to open a liquor store and he believes that will solve all his financial, economic and social problems. He already believes people don’t think much of him as a man because he doesn’t have much going for himself. So he believes that by opening the liquor store he will be looked up to as a powerful black man. This is probably one…show more content…
Mama finally got the check in the mail for the $10,000. Instead of her giving the money to Walter she puts a down payment on a house for them, in a white neighborhood across town. When Walter finds out about what Mama did this badly upsets him. Now Walter has no hope, he thinks everything is going downhill. This caused Walter to stop going to work and go on a three-day drinking binge. Mama eventually gave in; she couldn’t see her son like this any longer. So she gave Walter the rest of the money, which was $6500 under one condition. Walter had to make sure he put up some money for Beneatha so she could go to medical school. Walter doesn’t do that instead he just hands over all the money to Willy Harris to go invest in the liquor store. Now Walter is feeling so happy that his career is about to jump off. His whole attitude begins to change towards everyone. In the beginning Walter would constantly argue with his sister Beneatha, now he’s so nice and friendly to her. He’s even taken Ruth out on a date, and this never happens. Since Walter feels happy that this is how his new work life will be he such a lovable, friendly, family man. This side of Walter doesn’t last

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