The Crucible Episode 3 Summary

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PSYCHOS Season 1: Terms and Conditions:Pilot: P.D.S: On edge after returning from the war Chris finds that his bank account empty and his partner Rose has left home. One drink with his childhood friends Jack, Finn and Sam can't make things worse. Can it?Episode 2: Out Of Work..: Now in debt with the Barman after the fight, both Chris and Jack need to get it together and pay for the damage.Episode 3: Out Of Luck..: Still haunted by the war, Chris strives to adjust and Finn tries to help. Meanwhile Jack is still struggling to pay off the debt when he is approached by a generous stranger.Episode 4: Cash For Gold: Chris takes the risk and goes along with Jacks 'idea' using some 'souvenirs' he obtained from war.Episode 5: Deadline Date: Whilst…show more content…
Sam is given a dangerous job by Dallas that lands her in hospital and Jack and Finn ponder on what to do with their hard earned cash.Episode 3: Desperate people: Dallas reveals the identity of the man who put Jack in the RV to the four and Chris visits Sam in hospital. Finn learns a shocking secret.Episode 4: The Balance Of Power: Jack, Chris and Finn are introduced to Marco Bizgun and Caleb Hunt two nearly powerful crime bosses. Finn is under threat.Episode 5: Hockey Mask?: Chris and Jack talk to Caleb about the black hockey mask he wears as he takes them down memory lane. Sam is visited by Dallas.Episode 6: Trust: Finn tells the others about Dallas siphoning money from their accounts. Sam goes missing and Caleb is now a very trusted ally of the four.Episode 7: Welcome to Mexico!: Sam and Dallas are in Mexico. Chris goes after them as Jack and Caleb set up some high paying job plans.Episode 8: Come Back Soon: Chris and Sam hide in a run-down hotel waiting for Finn but Dallas has already got to him. Caleb suggests laundering all of the groups cash and invests in two of the most popular elderly caring homes.Episode 9: The Price Of Life: Finn's death has ruptured the group. Money is pouring in but must now all be spent on a funeral. Chris…show more content…
Marco has other plans for them.Episode 12: Bloodthirsty: After the attack, Jack's wounds have landed him in a coma and his job plans are set aside. Chris, Sam and Caleb are out for blood when they learn Marco was behind everything. Caleb shakes down anyone who knows Marco for his location.Episode 13: City Of Psychopaths: The Mexican Cartel gets involved and threatens the three for going after Marco. The feelings start kicking in as Chris starts to realise how much danger they are actually in.Season 3: Territory War:Episode 1: Two Months Too Long: Jack's condition is getting better. Sam, Chris and Caleb are now pretty rich and buying 3 piece suits and luxury apartments. The Laundering is going well and things are finally looking up until Chris gets bad news.Episode 2: Dirty Money: Caleb decides to invest in meth and other drugs to obtain more money even though he's been clean for three years. He employs the best Cooks, Dealers and Administrators possible just to be safe.Episode 3: Heist: Jack takes a turn for the worst as Caleb looks through his job plans again and is pretty sure He, Sam and Chris Can pull it off. Sam is still clueless about what to do with her share of the money.Episode

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