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Book review: “Brute Force” by Andy McNab “Brute Force” is an espionage action thriller written by Andy McNab. Andy McNab joined the British Army at the age of sixteen, having been found abandoned and raised with an adoptive family. After 8 years in the army, he tried to be selected by the SAS, for which he successfully passed. He claims to have been “the British Army’s most highly decorated soldier” when he left the SAS. When appearing in official media, he has to have his face obscured, and before submitting a book, he has to pass it through the British Ministry of Defense, as it might contain sensitive information. He mainly writes about his own experiences in the SAS through character Nick Stone. It is known that Andy McNab is simply a pseudonym to hide his identity. In Brute Force, operator Nick Stone finds himself being haunted by a mission he carried out in Libya, in which he had to make sure that the Spanish border patrols caught a boat full of weapons destined for the PIRA. After dismantling PIRA’s operation by causing the death of their best bombmaker, he finds that one of PIRA’s figureheads turned to politics. While he is on holidays with his girlfriend and her daughter, he finds a bomb on his car and receives a mysterious call, which tells him to search for Leptis, also known as Lynn, the man that used to command him for the Libya mission. As only Mansour, the chief of Libyan covert operations used to call his commander Leptis, Nick goes and finds him at his house in Norfolk. They fend off an ambush by Russian mobsters and leave the UK with new identities. They go to Italy, where they hijack a boat and get to Tripoli with it. In Tripoli, they search for Mansour, who apparently was fired by Gaddafi due to the failure in the PIRA operation. They finally find him and successfully kidnap him. As he takes them to an oil plant, reassuring them the answers

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