Scott Peterson Crime Case

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Lacy and Connor Peterson were found on the shores of San Francisco Bay. At the time of Ms. Petersons’ disappearance she was eight months pregnant. On the day of her disappearance, Mr. Peterson told police that the last time he saw his wife is when he was leaving to go on a fishing trip. He said she had plans to do her normal routine but when he came home that night she was gone. Weeks into the investigation, police found out that Mr. Peterson was having an affair and had taken a $250,000 life insurance policy out on his wife. Mr. Peterson broke his virtual silence with several television interviews acknowledging the affair, but denying it had anything to do with his wife’s disappearance. He said they had a “glorious” marriage, and his wife knew about the affair and had made her peace with the relationship. Scott Peterson was born in San Diego in 1972. He was the youngest of five boys. He had a happy, healthy childhood and got plenty of attention. He attended Arizona State University on a partial golf scholarship but ended up at California Polytechnic State University. Mr. Petersons’ childhood is very different from Mr. Simpson’s and Mr. Blake’s. He had a “normal” childhood. So what could have happened to this man that would have him on trial for the murder of his wife and unborn son. Could it have been the extramarital affair. Or was it the root to all evil. The $250,000 life insurance policy he and laci had two years prior to her murder. So why did Scott Peterson get the Death Penalty Row but Guilty in Murder? I certainly agree Peterson, deserved the death penalty, because it was such a cold-blooded murder. He planned it for weeks, bought a boat, bought the cement, made the weights to sink her body. He woke up beside Laci, every day. He said, "Good morning, honey." Then he spent evenings with his girlfriend. All mean while going over the details of Laci murder.

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