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“…Amen; even so, come, Lord Jesus!” (Bronte 433). Forty years have passed since Rochester and I have first started our own journey as husband and wife, and ten years since he passed towards the beyond life. Seven years after our first son, Edward Jr. was born, Mary came into our life. She was a beautiful little girl with light hair and green eyes. She was the princess of the house and that is how everyone treated her. I tried to make Adele help me to raise the children while I took care of their father since his condition started to deteriorate. My cousins, Diana and Mary moved into our new house along with their husbands and children. By that time Edward grew sicker and blinder while Adele never found time to care for Edward Jr. and Mary…show more content…
was fifteen and little Mary was ten when their father passed away. No words could be described as to what I was feeling when I have lost him. For me, it was like losing him for the second time and even if the first time was for a short time this time it was different, it was forever until we meet each other in afterlife. Tears, terror and even panic were all the things that ran through my mind as I have thought of Edward gone. I was unable to describe to Mary that her father will no longer into the room and pick her up or even tell her stories at bedtime. I also urged her brother, Edward Jr. to not try to mention it to her, but support and take care of her as best as he can. Mary was growing up and meanwhile this whole time I was telling her stories of her father and everything that happened between him and me inclusive the part with Bertha and how she burned the house down. Edward Jr. looks a younger version of his father, finally happy and married to a wonderful wife who is expecting her first son within this year. Mary enjoys going out with her friends to parties and even brings my cousin’s daughters with her. This way she shows them the lifestyle she was born into and they can adapt to it…show more content…
Rochester. Even though gothic elements would not stand our right away by reading this ending, I definitely want to show how I used them. One of the gothic elements I have used is the women in distress. Jane seemed to be lonely when Edward died and even terrified as of what could happen next in her life. She knew that her children will soon leave and have their time in life and spend less and less time with her and that she would just simply stay inside and be alone. She must have been terrified of that. She lost Edward and did not want her daughter Mary to find about that at the moment of her lifetime. Jane was terrified of telling Mary the truth and she might have thought that if she does than Mary will panic and be emotionally hurt for the rest of her life. At the end, Jane seems to be happy that she will soon be able to be to join Edward. The other gothic element is the vocabulary used. Tears, terror, panic and even scared are the words that Jane describes her feelings and thoughts about Edward when he passed away. These words might show that Jane has fear of living by herself from now on even though she knows that at a point in her life she will be reunited with

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