Rose Pickles In Cloudstreet

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Cloudstreet a unfading literature piece that spans from 1943 - 1963. Australia during that time was Male dominated, women were undervalued and inferior because of their sexuality, they were constricted to the walls of their homes. Tim Winton how ever presents the women of the novel the ‘backbone’ in the hectic and shapeless lives of the two families, the Lambs and the Pickles. The women are responsible for the families function, and they cannot escape how they must take lead from the Men in the novel “ “there [is] something wrong with men. They lacked some basic thing.” Rose Pickles is a proud young woman, she is smart and witty but was forced to grow up too fast. She, yet selfless and beautiful, is spiteful and hard. She seeks to protect those…show more content…
Dolly hates Oriel, because in her, Dolly sees herself as a failure. Oriels life has been torn apart by the drowning of the family favourite, Fish, and the failed miracle of Fishes partial recovery. She believes in work and family and the nation, and struggles to regain her belief in God through the entirety of the novel. Rose Pickles was forced into a role of responsibility at a very early age, she is pushed into a maternal role for her father and brothers because her ‘sex crazed’ mother Dolly, who spends most of her nights with strange men or in the bar ‘men are lovely’. Rose is first introduced in the novel while she is collecting Dolly at a pub, at the age of 14 she refuses to do it anymore. Roses sense of strength starts to manifest at this ripe age as well as a growing hate for Dolly. Rose however tries to accept her metrical roles because of her Father, Sam. Rose loves her father dearly and takes up the cleaning and cooking of the household, ‘but she would always burnt the chops’. When Rose meets Oriel Lamb she senses the fierce strength inside her and Rose starts to demonstrate the same qualities and stands up for herself. But Roses true selfless nature and
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