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Looking for Alibrandi 4. Describe one surprising event in the text. Explain how the event helped you understand a character or idea. In the novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ by Melina Marchetta, Josie meets her dad, Michael Andretti for the first time. This was her second time meeting Michael, in her Nonna’s house for a barbeque party. They are surprised to meet each other in such place, and how they react to each other. This event only seems to make their life a lot better towards the end of the novel. Josie meets her long lost dad, Michael Andretti, in her Nonna’s Barbeque party. Then Christina and Michael went into the kitchen to have a private talk. Josie was eavesdropping on the…show more content…
So I can definitely say that in this event, she is not so happy about meeting her dad, in fact, she doesn’t even want him to come in to her life. I thought that she would actually never meet him ever again since they made a promise of each other that they would keep out of each other’s lives. But chapter eight tells me that family is crucial no matter what and they don’t have anyone else to rely on. In real life, also you can’t have anyone better to rely on than your family since your family I funds you when you need money and usually trusts and defends each other. On chapter eight, she hits a girl called Carly because she called Josie a ‘wog’. Since Carly’s dad was out of control, Josie calls her dad to defend herself since he is a barrister. This definitely makes the barbeque event pretty useless since both of them have broken their promise to keep out of each other’s lives. The eighth chapter gave us an idea that the barbeque even is useless between families; even though Michael has fled eighteen years ago. This event gives us another idea that we have no one better to rely on, than your family. So I conclude that the event in the novel ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ has given us a lot of useful ideas and more specific characteristics in Josie. These events also have hidden messages in the quotes and summary lines, and the idea that I was talking about was all tiny morals,
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