Isolation In 'Like Water For Chocolates'

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How would you feel if you are set apart from others and put by yourself? And that also by your very own mother who kept you safe in her womb for nine months where in isolation you grow in stages and when your time comes to enter the world you are hated by her and she is unhappy to see you there. You being fragile and weak are victimized….and you suffer loneliness because even the world is not ready to except you in a friendly manner. You are like a beautiful flower grown in the wild with no one to care. In the novel Like Water for Chocolates After two days of her birth her father died and her life is cursed by her mother, who is no more able to breast feed her and is busy mourning and worried about her responsibility to run the ranch rather than bother for her baby. She simply hands her away to the maid…show more content…
Even when her sister Gretrudis was forced to good labour work and when she ran naked and made love to Juan, Tita could do nothing but reveal her loneliness in form of tears, ‘like silent spectators to a movie, Pedro and Tita began to cry watching the stars act out the love that was denied to them’ she wanted to shout and tell Pedro to run away with her but all the fight of words just took place in her mind and like lumps of food traveled through her throat she again felt like a foreigner in this cruel world as the author quotes’ She felt so lost and lonely’ She was the best cook but no one dared to praise her like an animal she performed her chores with no one to notice her, injustice was taking place and no one to save her. How would a person feel in such a situation but to be deprived’ How alone Tita felt during this period. How she missed Nacha! She hated them
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