Overworked Fathers Essay

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Overworked Father Mistreats himself and his Family Men need to work. Jobs generate income and also a feeling of necessity in a family. In families today, one would find both parents working. Sometimes the father works too much and it affects the rest of the family. They may not do it on purpose but whether they realize it or not, it can destroy their family. Fathers should not make their job too much of a priority because it upsets and affects the female parent, a father’s presence helps children’s development, and it can be bad for the fathers health. The biggest problem mothers have with overworked fathers is the lack of attention showed to the child by the father. “We have a one year old who misses his daddy as much as I do.” (healthboards.com). This was written by a female parent on healthboards website. This is very common. Fathers work every day and often work late hours. One can almost say that the father is not there for their child. Mothers get upset with this because they know that a child needs a father in their life. Wives get lonely. Not only must the father be there for the child but the father must be there for the wife. Wives get sad when they do not get to see their husbands. Most workaholics are in marriages that have been going on for many years, and this lack of attention has been hurting their wife for majority of the relationship. Women claim that they have to raise their children alone. Emotional connections are lost when fathers work too much. “My husband works too much and it used to bother my child as he was growing up. He understands now because he is a little older, but just as I was, he was always worried that something happened to his father. The two of us would be up late hours, sometimes two to three nights in a row hoping nothing bad happened.” An interviewee said this. Fathers cause uneasiness in the home. The family gets

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