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Working Moms are the Bomb For decades and especially in today’s world many families are faced with the decision of whether one parent should stay home with a new baby or a younger child. Even though, women have come a long way with women’s movements and rights; therefore, the decisions usually weighs on the mother most. According to the 2005 Census Bureau there was 5.8 million stay at home parents, 5.6 million were moms, and only 143,000 were dads (2005 Census Bureau). The decision to return to work can be heart wrenching for a mother. I myself had to make this decision to return or not to work on February 9, 1979 when my son was born. I made the decision return to work after my son was born. Many people feel a mother should be at home with her child instead of working. Many families’ make the decision for mom to return to the working world due to these reasons’ income, self-esteem of mom, and the relationship with the child. Income has always been a concern for families and losing one income can be devastating to a family, and on the other hand there is the single mother that really does not have a choice, but to go to work and support her child. The loss of income could mean that the family cannot meet their basic needs such as housing, food, clothing and additional worries of saving for the future such as college expenses and retirement. Families might also have concerns about future employment if mom decides to leave the current workforce. The work force seems to be constantly changing; consequently, making future employment harder to come by when mom is ready or a need arises to return to work. Some would argue that the cost of child care is too great and the income generated by the working mom is not worth the cost or the time lost with the child. Another argument is children in daycare are exposed to more illnesses; therefore, the medical expenses

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