Sorrowful Woman Essay

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Juan Montoya English Comp II Prof. Bordogna February 6, 2013 “A Secret Sorrow” and “A Sorrowful Woman” both have a different attitude, not just in their life but their families as well. As the both the wives live their life daily, they grow into despair and depression because their problems. They share that there both in a bad position whether its physical health, or emotional health. As the story of “A Secret Sorrow” progresses, Faye becomes more understanding and willing to participate in what her husband Kai was telling her. In “A Sorrowful Woman” Godwin’s unnamed wife character, starts off in depression and only worsens as the story progresses. Faye is upset because she does not have a child and desperately wants to give one to Kai; Godwin’s unnamed wife is upset and is desperately trying to escape from the child and husband and her mother duties that she already has. Faye’s attitude towards her family is making everyone in contact with her unbearable. As Van Der Zee states “She was making life unbearable for everyone around her.” (5). It was because “Everybody worried about her. Everybody loved her.” (5). Her attitude gives the family members, in this case Kai, more of a reason to walk away from her and make her a memory only. Faye has grown so much into her conflict that she doesn’t think she will come out of it. So her response is to quickly give up the dream husband that she has and give up a life with

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