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Case Study: Anxiety Answer Sheet Diagnosing Tina Diagnosing Generalized Anxiety Disorder: 1a. Refer to the DSM-IV checklist for generalized anxiety disorder. Which of Tina's symptoms meet any of the criteria? (Be sure to match specific symptoms with specific criteria.) DSM Criterion 2 - Difficulty controlling the worry.Correlating Behavior from Case Study: Tina is experiencing difficulty controlling the worry she has that something else bad will happen after having experienced the death of her husband. She demonstrates constant worry about her 14-year-old twin daughters, such as abduction on the way to the bus stop or a serious crash while riding the bus. Tina also has difficulty controlling her worry that a bridge will collapse as she drives over it.DSM Criterion 3 - At least three of the following symptoms: restlessness, easy fatigue, irritability, muscle tension, sleep disturbance.Correlating Behavior from Case Study: Tina demonstrates symptoms of irritability, muscle tension, sleep disturbance, restlessness, and irritability. She has trouble sleeping and feels tired during the day. She feels tense as if her body is tightening up. Tina feels irritability about things that did not previously bother her, such as her teenage daughters playing loud music, squabbling, or talking on the phone too long. The lack of sleep Tina is getting because of worry is leading to her being tired all the time. The worry and irritability have left her body feeling tense as if her body is in knots.DSM Criterion 4 - Significant distress or impairment.Correlating Behavior from Case Study: Tina indicates the days since her husband's death have been miserable, and the least thing sets her off. Tina's distress is impairing her ability to sleep at night, maintain energy during the day, parent her daughters without irritability, and drive without feeling anxious, particularly

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