Analyzes of Fried Green Tomatoes, Grief and Loss

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There were multiple losses in the movie Green Fried Tomatoes. The first loss was a boy named Buddy. Buddy was hit by a train while chasing Ruth’s hat down the track. He got his foot stuck in the rail and was unable to get loose. Ruth and Idgie and Ruth were watching from the bridge. Idgie was Buddy’s younger sister and they were very close. Idgie started screaming. Idgie did not handle the death well, she was close to her brother and it was a sudden death. “A number of studies suggest that survivors of those who die sudden deaths, especially young survivors, have a more difficult time than people with advance warning.” (P60 Worden) It was a very traumatic death as well; she had to watch and was not able to help him. “The impact of violent and traumatic deaths can be long lasting and often leads to complicated mourning” (p 61, Worden) I believe Idgie felt loneliness and helplessness. Many people believe, “she died along with him.” My first thought was the little girl Idgie saw a horrific accident. At such a young age to see such a horrific accident would be very traumatizing event, even more so because it was her brother. I would not be surprised if in real life that would cause PTSD. I was unable to notice any signs from Idgie in the movie, but it would be something I would pay attention to in this type of story. I believe when the accident first happened Idgie felt some denial as she ran from the funeral. She didn’t want to accept the death, so she ran from it. She did not speak of the death, nor did she cry. She tried to avoid that the situation even happened. Accept the reality of loss, when someone dies, even if the death is expected there is a sense that it hasn’t happened. The first task of grieving is to face the reality that the person is dead and they will never be able to reunite. Denying the factors of the loss, serves to prolong the grief process.

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