The Glass Castle

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The glass castle by Jeannette Walls is a story of a dysfunctional family which does not conform to the norm of society. And through this their children suffer due to their unconventional methods “Mom and Dad liked to make a big point about never surrendering to fear or to prejudice or to the narrow-minded conformist sticks-in-the-mud who tried to tell everyone else what was proper" Jeannetee's parents always thought the "normal" was an unacceptable way to live. They stressed this idea and it applies to their lives throughout the entire book. The adult used this idea as an excuse for whenever they did not have a home or food to eat. But it is through this that we can the maturity and desire the children show to rise above from their problems. We can see through this quote. “ moms head snapped up. ‘you cant talk to me like that,’ she said. ‘I’m your mother. In which her daughter replied ‘if you want to be treated like a mother, you should act like one. “ it is evident that the way things are conducted in the family is known to be wrong by the children as she points out to her mother that her actions and behaviour do not depict that of a mother, this shows both maturity and understanding, and again the will to rise above her current situation. "But on that first day of school, Mom refused to get out of bed. Lori, Brian, and I pulled back the covers and tried to drag her out, but she wouldn't budge." This quote shows how in the Walls family, the tables are often turned. Usually, it is the parents that have to drag their children out of their beds to get to school. However, all of Rose Mary's children are trying desperately to get their mother out of bed. In many ways, Jeannette and her children take care of their mother more than Rose Mary takes care of them. This yet again emphasises on the maturity shown by the children and how they don’t agree with the way

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