Connie's Escape In John Hughes Movie 'Sixteen Candles'

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Connie’s Escape Connie is fifteen and is always worried about how her appearance looks. Her mother don't like the fact she spends more time looking her self herself in the mirror then being neat and responsible like June, her older sister. Connie seems to ignores her mother’s criticisms most of the time. In order to escape her reality she opens the screen door to get away for from her family and be in some kind of fantasy. I think there were other reasons also, but the story points to this one in many places. First of all, Connie was not happy at home. To me Connie felt ignored by her dad and the other family members because they could give her the attention she wanted. This sort of relates to John Hughes movie "Sixteen Candles" Sam Baker struggles to get through the day on her 16th birthday because her entire family has forgotten about it and gave there attention elsewhere, to her sister wedding. Her father was most of the time at work and when he was home he didn't bother talking much to Connie. So Connie didn't have love from him and had to find male attention elsewhere. When Connie would be her best friend, they would pretend to go the shopping plaza but would sneak across the…show more content…
She states in the story that she doesn't know what she wants, but it's got something to do with "the music that made everything so good." When Arnold Friend drove up the driveway, Connie was listening to music and she described her self being "bathed in a glow of slow-pulsed joy." When she got the car she discovered that he was playing the same music in his car stereo. This can not just be a coincidence because I think it makes a connection in the back of Connie's mind. In the story Connie likes Arnold because from the written context "had come from nowhere," and "belonged nowhere," and that everything about him "was only half real." As that what Connie describe of

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