Which Character Change Throughout the Course of the Novel? Which Remain the Same? What Are the Larger Implications for This Personal Growth or Stagnation?

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Which character change throughout the course of the novel? Which remain the same? What are the larger implications for this personal growth or stagnation? At the start of the novel, Anne is presented as a rather timid and less than significant character, 'she was nobody with either father or sister, she was only Anne'. This shows she has little impact in the family, and could be the result of her nervous nature. The way in which Austen immediately describes other members of the family in greater depth to that of Anne's character also shows how she is at the start inferior in comparison to the rest off her family. It seems that her lack of superiority in the family has resulted in her eldest sister being the favourite with her father, and her youngest being married. Shes seems at the beginning of the novel that she was once easily influenced, and this downfall resulted in her being persuaded by Lady Russell to refuse Captain Wentworth's marriage proposal. However with the Elliot's family move to Bath, Anne is somewhat forced to emerge from her sheltered shell, and starts to flourish as a character. She is the only character to maintain a completely calm Composure when Louisa has her fall, 'a surgeon, call a surgeon,' she exclaims, whilst everyone else is acting frantically in a panic Anne seems to be the only one with a steady head. This change seems to be a positive one as it shows the growth of her character. This proves her to be a more decisive women, which results in the final engagement to Wentworth, which is a positive change throughout the novel as Anne finally gains what she deserves. Captain Wentworth has changed already at the beginning of the novel from a poorer naval officer to a man who has made a great fortune by working hard, and manages his finances well. This puts him in contrast to Sir Walter Elliot which may be done by Austen to show the
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