Essay on a Book-Mma Ramotswe-the Cousin

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The Cousin Obed Ramotswe’s cousin had a good influence on Precious Ramatswe. Throughout the novel we learn how strong their relationship was and how the cousin helped her to develop. The cousin was married, but when her husband found out she could not have children they divorced. She went to live with her mother in a very small three-walled room. Her mother was very disappointed in her and treated her without respect or caring. Obed was in need of a women to take care of his little daughter after his wife died and saved his cousin from her situation. She was greatful for how he treated her and the fancy room with four walls he put her in. She wanted a baby more than anything in the world and now she had Precious. Obed treated her with respect and spoiled her by giving her extra money to buy something for herself. Instead of spoiling herself she used it for little Precious. As Precious was growing up the cousin started to teach her to count by using cattle and trees. She also taught her to subtract. She helped Precious to develop a memory still by making her remember the color of passing cars. When Precious was old enough she took her to church and Sunday school and would make sure she went every Sunday. The cousin had a great influence on the development and personality of Precious. She helped her to know what was wrong and right, If it wasn’t for the cousin Precious wouldn’t have been the successful, talented woman she is
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