Story by Lydia Davis

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In the story "Story" by Lydia Davis their are many conflicts, complications, and crisis. The story focuses on a lady and what she is experiencing from her lovers sudden actions. The conflict she faces the most is that she is in trying to get in touch with her now distant lover. Her lovers behavior has changed from paying attention to her to ignoring and avoiding her. She has connected sex to love. When she is ignored by her lover, she is upset. Her lovers behavior is contributing to a obsessive rampage. The story shows the pure desperation for love and the effect on a person it can have.She shows how much she will accept for her own perfect picture of love. In the end what really matters Truth or Love? The woman in "Story" is obsessive over her now somewhat distant lover. She know that her lover is busy but she still tries to call and see him. With his excuses and contradictions, and their arguement she's angry, it reminds her of her husband. The lady quickly change her emotions she wants to apologize to him. She feels guilty for agrueing with him. When the lady calls him he doesn't answer. Even after a night of waiting, arguing, and disappointment. She starts to make excuses for him not answering. When she calls again her lover doesn't pick up avoiding her, which makes her wonder what he is doing.The she is obsessed over every action he has done. Feeling rejected and avoided from her lover, she is rationalizing his actions in order because she think she loves him. If she accepts the real truth about their relationship and the situation, she know it will make her feel less of lady. The society as put in everyones head to be. She's wants the perfect picture of love that isn't there. Wondering what is her lover really doing, since he was not answering her phone call. She proceeds to his house. She is afraid of what she might see when she goes
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