How Much of a Negative Character Is Curley`S Wife?

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How much of a Negative Character Is Curley`s Wife? Overall I think that Curley`s wife is seen as a negative character on the ranch, which many woman of that time were seen. I find her quiet a negative character, who feels that she has the worst life that she can get. She tends to look back on the past thinking and wishing she could have made something better of the self instead of marrying Curley. But at the end of the day I feel sorry for her and I tend to understand why she feels the way she dose! You can’t blame the girl, for feeling depressed, she lives on a ranch where she is the only girl, her husband sees her as an object that he owns and she has no one to turn or talk to. In the book most of the characters have a negative view of her and tend to see her as trouble, but when you think about it she has the potential to get them in a lot of trouble, and she does, she cause Curley to have a broken hand and she gets Lennie in trouble for killing her, Every time, she is present in the book, she is never in a positive mood, she is always sulking or looking for Curley, I don`t actually think that there is one time in the book were she seems happy and it is when she is flirting , and even then she just gets negative reactions back! To summaries , overall i think that she is a very negative person, who has no hope of
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