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  • 'Of Mice And Men' Book Review

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    Of Mice and Men is set in United States during the Great Depression of the 1930’s and is based upon the experiences of author John Steinbeck as a bindlestiff in the 1920’s. It is a touching tale of the friendship between an unlikely pair: George Milton, a small, cynical, intelligent man “and dark of face.” And Lennie Small, a man of tremendous size, but limited mental abilities. The two men forge a “family” and cling together in the face of alienation and loneliness. The two flee from their previous employment in Weed, California, where they were run out of town after Lennie’s love of stroking soft things resulted in an accusation of attempted rape. Steinbeck’s short novel raises the lives of the poor and dispossessed to a higher, symbolic level.

  • Irresponsibility Int of Mice and Men

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    Of Mice and Men is a historical fiction novel written in 1937 by John Steinbeck. It follows the story of George and Lennie, two laborers who find work at a ranch in Salinas Valley, California. From the very beginning of the novel, the pair’s differences on their views of responsibility are astounding. George, the brains of the two, takes care of Lennie and acts as his guardian, finding the two of them work and keeping Lennie out of trouble. Lennie, on the other hand, has obvious mental problems and cannot take responsibility for even his own actions, and requires George’s guidance to keep him safe.

  • What View of Life on the Ranch Does Steinbeck Present and Develop in ‘of Mice and Men?

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    What View of Life On the Ranch Does Steinbeck Present and Develop in ‘Of Mice and Men? ‘Of Mice and Men’ was first published in America in the 1930s, and tells the story of two ranch hands, George and Lennie, and their struggle to achieve ‘The American Dream’. The focus of this dream was that hard work and determine could lead to independence and ownership of a piece of land; this dream was one shared by many migrant workers who wanted the freedom to be self sufficient. The book follows the lives of George and Lennie over a period of three days, detailing the events that occur and the subsequent effects. In this essay I will consider the views of life on the ranch that Steinbeck presents, particularly focussing on how this may be different for the different characters.

  • Relationship of George and Lennie

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    Of mice and men’ is about two migrant field workers in California during the Great Depression. These two main characters are George Milton, an intelligent but uneducated man, and Lennie Small, a man of great strength but mental disabilities. They hope one day to attain their shared dream of owning a piece of land, which is their interpretation of the ‘American dream,’ the idea that any individual can achieve their dream through their own hard work. It is set in the 1930’s when the Great Depression spread over America. Of Mice and Men underlines the importance of companionship in difficult times.

  • Of Mice And Men Themes

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    Of Mice and Men In the novella Of Mice and Men, many themes are created/portrayed. The story is about 2 friends who travel together working on ranches for a lousy buck. The book is set during the depression of the 1930’s. The story is a tale of hope, courage, loyalty, belonging, acceptance, inspiration and admiration. In the novella one of the main themes is alienation.

  • Of Mice and Men, George Character Analysis

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    29/9/11 Character Analysis- George George is one of the two characters in the first chapter of ‘Of Mice And Men’. The other man (his best friend) is called Lennie. They traversed together from ranch to ranch to find work. They are called migrant workers. This makes sense because the author John Steinbeck writes about social novels dealing with the economic problems of rural labour.

  • Of Mice And Men Summaries

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    Chapter One Of Mice and Men starts out near the Salinas River in the California Valley, George Milton and Lennie Small are following a path to the river. When reaching the river, Lennie leans down and takes huge gulps of water; he is mentally retarded and does not comprehend the dangers of doing so. George has to remind Lennie that it may be dangerous to drink the water, because it might not be safe; Lennie has to ask where they are going, because he doesn’t remember. You discover in this chapter that Lennie likes soft things, because he kept a dead mouse in his pocket to pet at a later time. George and Lennie had to leave their last home in Weed after Lennie grabbed onto a woman’s dress; he wouldn’t let go and was accused of attempting to rape the woman.

  • Animal Imagery in 'Of Mice and Men'

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    Because of his simple mindedness, he does not realise his own strength and power. The animal imagery is used again when Steinbeck shows how Lennie reacted to Georges discovery of the dead mouse.Slowly, like a terrier who doesn't want to bring a ball to its master,Lennie approached, drew back, approached again. George snapped his fingers sharply, and at the sound Lennie laid the mouse in his hand’ The animal imagery is used again by George when he describes Lennie on their arrival at the ranch as ‘As strong as a bull’ . This image conveys the idea that lennie would be a useful person to have on the ranch as his strength was important to do the job of a ranch hand. .These same hands Lennie

  • Greorge and Lennie's Relationsip in Chapter One

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    What do we learn about George and Lennie and their relationship from Chapter one In chapter one of this novella ‘of mice and men’ we are introduced to the main character George and Lennie and their friendship which is a key theme in this novella as referring back to the context, the book is set in the 1930s when the great depression has occurred resulting a vast amount of people to migrate and most of the migrant workers were alone. George In this chapter we learn that George is very short tempered when he says angrily “we could have just as well of rode clear to the ranch if that bastard bus driver knew what he was talking about”. John Steinbeck used alliteration when he uses the phrase “bastard bus driver” making George more angry and emphasizing on the fact that George doesn’t trust to many people. Coming back to the context, migrant workers travelled a lot in rough conditions and they get very tired so George could be tired from walking, and he blamed this on the bus driver. Secondly we also learn that George is quite aggressive when he says, “Lennie!” he said sharply”.

  • Discuss How Steinbeck Explores Dreams in 'of Mice and Men'

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    Discuss how Steinbeck explores the theme of dreams in ‘Of Mice and Men’ – are dreams important? Set in Soledad, California, ‘Of Mice and Men’ explores the harsh reality of the Great Depression and the impact it had on people’s everyday lives. Americans were out of work, breadlines were common day occurrences, and the future looked grim indeed. This gripping novel details the journey, and untimely fate, of two itinerant works that travel from ranch to ranch in search of work in order to make a living. ‘Of Mice and Men’, however, is as much a story about the nature of human dreams and aspirations and the forces that work against them as it is the story of two men.

  • The Context of 'of Mice of Men'

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    Critical and commercial success did not come for another six years, when Tortilla Flat was published in 1935; Steinbeck was finally able to support himself entirely with his writing. Steinbeck’s best-known works deal intimately with the plight of desperately poor California wanderers, who, despite the cruelty of their circumstances, often triumph spiritually. Always politically involved, Steinbeck followed Tortilla Flat with three novels about the plight of the California laboring class, beginning with In Dubious Battle in 1936. Of Mice and Men followed in 1937, and The Grapes of Wrathwon the 1940 Pulitzer Prize and became Steinbeck’s most famous novel. Steinbeck sets Of Mice and Men against the backdrop of Depression-era America.

  • Of Mice and Men Book Review

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    Of Mice and Men addresses the real hopes and dreams of working class America, during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. The novel is a touching story of an undying dream, betrayal, tragedy and the perpetual friendship between two men. Of Mice and Men, is a story about Lennie Small and George Milton, displaced ranch labourers during the Great Depression in California. These are two very different characters; the novel describes them as opposites. Lennie is very large and burly while George is 'small and quick'.

  • Explain how the idea of the American Dream is explored in Of Mice and Men.

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    It tells the tragic story of George and Lennie, two displaced Anglo itinerant farm workers in California during the Great Depression (1929-1939). The story is set on a ranch, a few miles from Soledad in the Salinas Valley. In the following essay I will also explain their dreams and show how they plan to fulfil these dreams. Near the end I will clarify what finally happens to their dreams. It is human nature to have dreams, or the hopes one has for the future.

  • Of Mice and Men Candy

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    “Of mice and men” Introduction: The book “of mice and men” was originally written by john Steinbeck in 1937. It is about the lives of a group of men living on the ranch in California, during the great depression. In this essay I am going to focus on candy the old swamper. Candy is a tall, stoop-shouldered old man who cleans the bunk houses and has lived in the ranch almost his whole life. The owner still has him as long he still can swamp or clean the bunk houses.

  • Of Mice and Men English Ca

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    Essay topic: Explore the way family relationships are presented in “Of Mice and Men” CA John Steinbeck was born in 1902, in California in Salinas’s valley which would serve as the setting for his novella ‘Of Mice and men’. He went to Stanford University but never graduated. He went to New York in 1925, where he tried for a few years to establish himself as a free-lance writer and where he took odd jobs. He failed to have any of his work published so he returned to California. He was most known for his novel’s ‘East is Eden’ (1952) and ‘the Grape of Wrath’ (1939), which he won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

  • Lennie Omam Essay

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    English C/A: Of Mice and Men: Lennie Of Mice and Men is a novella written in 1937 by John Steinbeck, which is set during the Great Depression in California. John Steinbeck, born in 1902, was an activist for equal rights and was inclined towards migrants when he discovered material about them in the 1930’s, which lead him to interview itinerant workers about their livelihood. This continued into a recollection of the poor, dispossessed people that he had grown up with, inspiring him to produce a novella that states the true events, raw opinions of people, and lives of those that had occurred during the Great Depression. He has based the title on the poem,”To A Mouse” by Robert Burns, that expresses the thoughts of a farmer that has accidentally killed a mouse, but the farmer proclaims that the mouse is blessed as it lives in the present and we always worry about the past and future. Guilefully he uses microcosm and macrocosm, which is a literary devise where a smaller scale is explained but it represents a much larger scale in reality, such as a character in Of Mice and Men like Crooks, represents a whole race of people in reality.

  • Curley Essay

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    What do you think of Curley and the way he is presented in the novel? The novel 'Of Mice and Men' was written by John Steinbeck in 1936 and then published in 1937. It was set in California in America, this is where the Great Depression took place. John Steinbeck was inspired to write this novel on his past expierences of working on the ranches in the Salines Valley. Steinbeck then created the characters based on the people he met.

  • Of Mice And Men, Underlying Messages

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    Andrew LaFave English 112 Final Research Paper Of Mice and Men: Steinbeck’s Underlying Messages In 1937, John Steinbeck published a novel, Of Mice and Men, which reflected the life of migrant workers of his time. The book is a story of two migrant workers, George and Lennie, that dream of someday living on a farm of their own. Steinbeck tells this parable of two men traveling through their lives and maintaining the eternal hope of a better life while having to face the reality of shattered dreams. Steinbeck is a master at using themes to portray this story and to emphasize the messages he wants to get across to the reader. Steinbeck addresses the underlying message of the human condition and the importance of relationships, and uses the characters in the novel to illustrate the hopes and dreams of Americans in the 1930’s.

  • Mice and Men

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    Explore how Steinbeck presents the settings of the bunkhouse and Crooks’ room. Of Mice and Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck. It was published in 1937. The novel talks about the conditions of the migrant workers of North California and the common dream each of them had in the 1920’s and 30’s. This novel was set during the Great Depression in which the country suffered a great economical down fall.

  • Sample Loneliness Essay

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    GCSE-OF Mice and Men Sample question “George’s voice became deeper. He repeated his words rhythmically as though he had said them many times before.” George and Lennie are camping by the river on the night before their new job at the ranch. They spend the last day of freedom together discussing how one day they’ll be their own boss and live a comfortable, happy lifestyle. This part of the novel starts with Lennie pleading that George will tell him about their dream that they both share. Steinbeck describes George’s voice as rhythmical, this may be indicating that he has told the dream so many times that it’s printed on him as though it’s been memorised.