Of Mice and Men Chapter 1

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English 12 “Of Mice and Men” By John Steinbeck # Chapter One Q – 1. Plot summary – one paragraph summarizing the main idea in the first chapter. This chapter starts by first introducing the setting and then leading into the description of the two main characters. George and Lennie are sitting by the Salinas River which is just outside a little Californian town named Soledad. They have found a little place to camp which is tree covered and not that far from the ranch that they are supposed to work at the next day. Lennie has a large, intimating body but his character has the mind of a child. George on the other hand, is a small, defined, smart character that makes decisions for them both. George, being the decision maker, decides that they will camp there tonight to relax before they start the intensive labor work tomorrow. Then George sees that Lennie is petting a dead mouse in his gigantic hand and demands that Lennie drop it, as it is not “fresh”. Lennie gets upset which then makes George mad and George indicates the he would be better off without Lennie. Lennie decides he can go live in a cave up in the hills and fend for himself, but George calms down and tells Lennie he doesn't want him to leave. They get a fire going and the Lennie asks George to tell him about what they’re going to do when they get enough money. This leads to how they are going to have a place for themselves and have all sorts of animals. Lennie is truly interested in the rabbits he is going to tend on this fantasy farm because they are soft and Lennie loves soft things. At the end of the chapter they both fall asleep under the starry night. Q – 2. Character Sketch – one paragraph on every new character
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