Comparing John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men Summary After riding a bus and being dropped off at the wrong spot, George and Lennie were walking down a dirt road heading towards a ranch where they can begin their new work. While they were walking, they came across a river bank and decided to camp out for the night, since they were already late for work. As they were resting, Lennie was petting a dead mouse that he found along the way. When George saw the mouse he took it away from Lennie and threw it across the river bank. He told Lennie that they are going to get a new job and he must behave himself when they meet the boss. George felt bad for making Lennie feel sad, so he told Lennie "'Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They…show more content…
When they first saw Curly he was wearing a glove full of vaseline. One of the workers there named Candy told them that Curly did that especially for his wife. Candy was an old man who had been working as a swamper at the farm for a long time now. He also owned an ancient dog that he had been with ever since he was a puppy. When Curly first saw Lennie, he already had a bad impression towards him because Curly hated people that are bigger than him. What made it worse is that George was talking for Lennie because he didn't want him to say anything that could compromise their jobs. Curly got suspicious at Lennie because he didn't talk much, so George told Curly that Lennie is is cousin and that when he was young he got kicked in the head by a horse which caused his mental disablity. As Curley left, George told Lennie that he should avoid Curly before anything happens, but if Curly wanted a fight just give it to him and teach him a lesson. Minutes later, 2 of the handymen around the farm returned to the bunkhouse that they were in. When both of them have settled down, they introduced each other to George and Lennie. There was Slims, Whit, and Carlson. Later on Candy's wife walked in "looking for Candy". But she was acually trying to flirt around with the other
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