The Developments Of Friendship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Dustin Baucom, Dalton Helms, Asael Hernandez¸ Cameron Price Mrs. Johnson English III, 3rd Block 23 May 2012 The Developments of friendship in OF Mice and Men Thesis: In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck shows, conflict, the rise and fall of men, character development, and goals to develop the theme of friendship. 1. Background info a. Steinbeck worked on a ranch b. Steinbeck matured as an artist through the depression c. Steinbeck’s book is based around homeland 2. View of life a. Characters work for everything they have b. Even through the roughest times they prevail 3. Character development – friendship a. George protects Lennie, always looking out for him b. George and Lennie talk…show more content…
Some of the most notable would be Lennie when he was in Weed. As George tells Candy the events of Weed, and being chased out of Weed after Lennie got them in trouble (Steinbeck 41). Here is a time when George and Lennie fall into trouble after a rise, the job in Weed, as Steinbeck make a point that live is full of ups and downs. Next when in the barracks when George plans to buy a land and a house Candy ask if he can get in the plan George is unsure if he should let him, until Candy puts up almost half the cost of the land and house (Stevens). Here George, Lennie, And Candy become close to the goal of buying a house to live the American dream. Also the men realize that they must keep this plan a secret even from their friends, as they will try to keep them from achieving the dream. However Lennie was sitting in the barn then Curly’s wife came in, she a tramp and talking to Lennie. Next Lennie’s had got caught in her hear and she freaked out causing Lennie to panic, and in the moment Lennie has held her as she was flopping about and that caused her neck to snap. (Steinbeck 91) Here Lennie fell as he committed murder although he never meant to, never the less the act let to Lennie’s death and his greatest fall. John Steinbeck tells of the falls and the rises of the characters in the late

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