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“Of mice and men” Introduction: The book “of mice and men” was originally written by john Steinbeck in 1937. It is about the lives of a group of men living on the ranch in California, during the great depression. In this essay I am going to focus on candy the old swamper. Candy is a tall, stoop-shouldered old man who cleans the bunk houses and has lived in the ranch almost his whole life. The owner still has him as long he still can swamp or clean the bunk houses. He has one hand and that is the left hand, the other hand (right hand) was caught in an accident on the ranch. Candy gives Steinbeck the opportunity to discuss the social discrimination based on age and handicaps. Steinbeck also uses archetypes to represent the characters to their theme. This is evident because for example, Steinbeck makes candy represent the people who are not useful during the great depression and old people; also he makes crooks represent the people who going through racism during that period of time. In this essay I am going to argue how Steinbeck uses language and structure to show the emotions of candy. Paragraph 1: In chapter 2, when we first meet candy, he reveals to use he’s a weak character and the fact that he’s also not a forceful character. This is illustrated when he gives and description of the boss to George and Lennie and says “pretty nice fella. Gets pretty mad sometimes but he’s pretty nice”. This portrays the fact that candy’s use of vocabulary is limited and very poor and shows the reader that he’s uneducated. It also shows to us that he’s a weak character and it stops him from expressing himself and giving his opinion about the other men’s on the ranch. Secondly, the fact that he labels them as “nice” tells us that he is not close to the character in the novel and due to that he’s not able to tell exactly how they are. This also shows us that candy is a loner,

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