Of Mice and Men, George Character Analysis

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29/9/11 Character Analysis- George George is one of the two characters in the first chapter of ‘Of Mice And Men’. The other man (his best friend) is called Lennie. They traversed together from ranch to ranch to find work. They are called migrant workers. This makes sense because the author John Steinbeck writes about social novels dealing with the economic problems of rural labour. At the time of this particular book, migrant working was very common. George has very ‘defined features’. He is the smaller one of the two men. George works long hours in the boiling heat and blinding sunshine making him very tanned and ‘dark of face’. There is more confirmation of this on page 21, were Mr Steinbeck tells us ‘The rims of his eyes were red with sun glare’. George has ‘restless eyes’ and small strong hands hanging on ‘slender arms’. Both George and Lennie are wearing denim trousers with a matching coat with brass buttons and a black hat. They are dressed similarly due to them working together at the same place/ranch were they possibly had to wear uniforms hence the matching outfits. Their clothes are scruffy and worn out. Although I would not say they themselves were dirty as it states on page 20/21 that they knelt down beside a ‘green pool‘ to wash themselves and quench their thirst. The scene is set in California, hence the sweating heat! Although the heat makes Lennie and George weary, enervated and tired, nevertheless George knows he still needs to be ‘quick’ and on the ball at all times. Looking out for any danger hazard or instabilities for both himself and Lennie. As Lennie is not able to do so for himself because he is very childlike, artless and naive. George does this out of kindness. Its not that he is just accountable for Lennie its also that he cares for Lennie. You can
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